Dear Mr Becx,There is no legal minimum of shareholding. So legally it is possible that one shareholder holds 99.9% of the shares and another shareholder own the remaining.Best! 
Dear Mr Becx,Ethiopian company law requires minimum of  two shareholders to establish a company. So one man company is not allowed in Ethiopia. However, if one of the shareholders is incorporated as one man company and wants to establish a company in Ethiopia with another shareholder, the foreign one man company is accepted as such under Ethiopian law.
Dear Mr Becx, the Ethiopian investment law and policy provides repatriation of profits in foreign currency as one of the incentives available for foreign investors. Therefore, yes, it is possible to convert and send back profits in foreign currency.
A foreign investor investing alone is required to bring minimum of 200,000 USD for a single investment project and the amount is 150,000 USD if it is joint investment with a domestic investor. For some sectors like architecture or engineering and related services, the amount is 100,000 USD for a foreign investor investing alone and 50,000 USD for joint investment.
Dear Customer,The only way of obtaining investment land is through leasing from the government. The lease price, the lease period, and other terms are regulated by the land lease rules of the concerned town/city/ regional  or federal government authority. It also depend on the location of the land(urban or rural land), the project( industrial or agriculture or service), in a developing region or developed regions of the country, etc factors. Detail information is available in the Ethiopian Investment Commission's Booklet.Best!
There is no restriction as to the type of the partner, it can be either local or foreign. But inventive in the form of reduction of the minimum capital is available only if the partner is local one.
Dear Becx,The distribution of shares in your company among shareholders depends on your agreement. There is no law that says the local partner shall have majority of the shares. The foreign partner can own 51% or more of the shares.
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